Validate – Audio Attribution

Why Validate?

Validate Audio Attribution was developed for radio by radio, measuring the effectiveness of advertiser campaigns the way radio works.

The fatal flaw of other solutions is that they attempt to measure response in 8-minute windows. We know that repeated exposure and audience reach builds trust over time…30, 60, 90 days. Only Validate gives Radio credit for conversions up to 90 days later.

Validate was conceived to be a standard, industry-wide solution. All participating groups benefit from published aggregate data insights and case studies, for the whole ecosystem, from local reps to national media buyers.

Most importantly, Validate provides the tool and dashboard, which puts the Radio reps on a level playing field with digital and empirically proves Radio’s contribution to business success.

Validate increases client confidence in their radio spend, improves campaign renewals, promotes repatriation of ad dollars previously lost to digital, and serves as a planning tool for media buyers.

That's a game changer.

We Know Radio Works.

Validate is the radio advertising measurement and audio attribution technology platform, developed for Radio by Radio!

That's A Game Changer!