Introducing Validate - Audio Attribution

We know Radio works. Now there’s an audio attribution platform that proves Radio’s contribution to business success.

Validate leverages radio data and a proprietary algorithm to calculate impressions, conversions, and CPM on every campaign, and displays those results in a simple dashboard – just like digital!

While other solutions measure listener response in 8-minute windows, Validate gives Radio credit for conversions up to 90 days later. Validate works the way Radio does!

It's A Game Changer!


Return On Investment

Validate provides the Radio industry’s most robust picture of ad campaign delivery.

Increases client confidence and ensures renewal
Enhances the length and value of campaigns
Wins back business previously lost to digital
Serves as a planning tool for buyers

We Know Radio Works.

Validate is the radio advertising measurement and audio attribution technology platform, developed for Radio by Radio!

That's A Game Changer!

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We Know Radio Works.